ABE Consent and Release Now Required for Electrolysis Treatments

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ABE Consent and Release Now Required for Electrolysis Treatments

It is important for people to know the possible risks associated with the services that you provide.

We all want customers to come through our doors and feel welcome. We want to create a friendly environment that makes them feel like family so they want to keep coming back.

It seems scary to tell people the risks associated with the service you provide. The thing you have to look at is how your customer will take seeing the risks and being asked to consent to them.

Someone asking for Electrolysis needs to know that there are risks like possible scarring, keloid scars, and changes in skin color of the treated skin in some people. Without knowing these risks it puts your business in jeopardy if the client has any of these issues occur after the service. Requiring them to sign a consent and release educates them about the service they are giving you consent to perform.

When we ask them to sign consent and release we are asking them to sign that we have given them all of the information they need to feel comfortable with the service that they are about to receive. The release is there to protect them as well as your business.

With a consent form the customer feels like they are getting all of the information they need to make an informed decision about what they want. Informed consent gives you an extra layer of protection in the case the client ever decides to state that the service you provided has gone wrong and that they never received the proper information to make an informed decision.

If a client decides to sue you for a service that was provided, a signed consent and release provides your attorney with a legal tool to bring to your defense and argue in your favor.

Regardless of education and experience there is a degree of risk to every service and treatment provided, it is up to the client to determine if the risk associated with these is acceptable. By putting that decision in their hands it takes some of the burden off of you and your business.

Protect Your Business with Consent and Release?

When getting dressed for a cold winter day we put on layers to protect ourselves. One layer protects our skin from the heavy clothes going on top. The next layer is to insulate and regulate our body temperature. The final layer is to warm and protect ourselves from the cold winter air. Similar to the layers we use to protect ourselves from the brisk winter air our businesses need layers of protection against potential threats.

Every business has threats. Layers of protection need to be in place to mitigate those threats.

  • Proper training
  • Licensing
  • Certifications
  • Be careful providing services to clients who seem to have emotional issues
  • Good Insurance that includes professional liability
  • Obtaining consent and release forms
  • Incorporating your business

Due to increases in Electrolysis claims over the year a consent and release form is required to be signed by all clients consenting to service.

ABE has had requirements for this in the past. Now that there have been large claims filed these requirements have been reinstated.

This form protects your business as well as all parties involved. It could keep you from having to file a claim which would raise premiums and put it on your record. Having a claim on your record puts you at risk for denial of coverage and resulting high premiums.

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