General Terms

Insurance General Terms

Applicant declares that the above statements are complete and true. Applicant understands that any material misrepresentation in this application is cause for revocation of their membership in the Allied Beauty Experts (ABE) and will void the insurance provided by ABE. The applicant also understands that this application is subject to approval. No refunds are available for early cancellation of any policy. Applicant agrees that all payments for any financed coverage must be received by ABE on or before the due date. Should payment not be received by Allied Beauty Experts, the insured understands that coverage will lapse based on the last date premium is applied to.

In the event of cancellation, the insured agrees that all payments will be applied to membership dues and fees first. The insured agrees to pay all collection costs and legal fees in any attempt by Allied Beauty Experts to enforce this agreement. Applicant stipulates that Colorado law applies to this agreement and that all mediation or lawsuits are appropriately venued in Colorado and that all such proceedings will occur only in Colorado. Applicant agrees to pay 1 1/2 percent interest per month on any amounts due Allied Beauty Experts in addition to all other remedies available to the company. Applicant agrees that ABE may text, email or call the insured with a reminder about any issue concerning their account. ABE approved Consent and release forms for laser, medi-spa, or permanent cosmetics treatments must be signed by all clients and kept on file by the insured. The insured agrees to the conditions and limitations specified in this application as a condition of their insurance coverage. The above applicant and/or insured agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Allied Beauty Experts, its employees, its directors, and its agents from any errors or omissions that occur in processing their insurance application and agrees that ABE is not responsible for any loss thereof. This includes, without limitation, the loss of goodwill, lost profits, lost revenues, work stoppage or impairment of or loss of use of other goods, cost of capital, cost of substitute, or replacement products, facilities, services, down time, purchaser’s time, the claims of third parties (including clients or customers) uninsured losses, or damages to any real or personal property. No oral, written information, or advice given by ABE, its agents, or its employees shall bind ABE in any way or create any real or implied warranty. All policy changes or requests for refunds must be received in writing by ABE and are subject to approval.