How Can We Offer Wholesale Liability Insurance Prices?

How Can We Offer Wholesale Liability Insurance Prices?

Having an association with well over 1000 members allows us to negotiate better programs and liability insurance for our members, with ABE’s Spa/Salon/Medispa Insurance being one of the most sought after. 25 years of exclusive focus on this industry has helped us refine what our members need in order to be properly protected. Our insurance policies include:

  • Professional (malpractice) & General Liability (slip and fall)
  • ZERO deductible
  • $1MM per occurrence / $3MM aggregate
  • Occurrence Form NOT Claims Made
  • $100,000 Damage to your Premises
  • $5,000 Medical Pay
  • $1MM Product Liability
  • $1MM Advertising, Libel, & Slander
  • Optional Property Insurance
  • Prior Acts Coverage up to three years

    Options like HIPAA coverage, Mobile coverage for technicians, Medical Director and Physician Direct Patient Care coverage, Sexual Misconduct protection, insurance coverage for multiple locations, and nearly everything else one would imagine necessary for spas, salons, and medispas.

    Find out more about our association at or call 800.444.7546.

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