Microblading – What To Look for Before You Buy

Microblading – What To Look for Before You Buy

Allied Beauty Experts prides itself on continually being on the forefront of the latest and greatest spa, salon, and medispa treatments. By far the most popular treatment for the past year has been microblading. So what should you look for in a training program and practice? Here’s three topics all current and potential microblading technicians should review before they buy.


Chances are you’ve found this blog via a web search and looking up ‘microblading training’ reveals hundreds of options. So what should you be looking for? We typically see three types of microblading schools: 1) large, national entities, 2) small, local trainers, and 3) recent training grads who now want to teach. When you’re looking for a program you’ll want to review the trainer’s credentials. Find out where they studied and how long they’ve been teaching. Make sure they have at least a two day curriculum and a few models as part of the program. If there is no hand-on experience, you’ll find you can’t get insurance nor are you ready to charge people for services. Look for a school that spends time on your state regulations, liability insurance, and how to market. ABE has a database of microblading schools and instructors giving you $50 off so give us a call and we’ll discuss your options. ABE has a microblading training program that covers all of the above, so reserve your place now.


Anytime you perform a treatment that penetrates the skin and has the potential for bleeding, insurance is a must. But as you well know, not all insurance coverage is equal. Make sure you ask questions about the coverage and mention your treatments, so you can gauge how much the insurer understands your industry and services. If they aren’t forthcoming and don’t seem to know much about the treatments, there’s a high chance they’re simply cashing in on a trend. If and when a claim comes, you might have difficulties getting help and/or answers. Each training program should have a portion of the course reviewing the risks involved with microblading, insuring against those risks, and ensuring you’re familiar and in line with your state regulations. ABE offers free coverage analysis so feel free to send us quotes and policy details and we’ll help you better understand exactly what is covered and what is not.


The third topic to look for in a training program is how to address marketing. We sign up 15-25 new microbladers a week and it’s unfortunate to see fresh graduates who have little to no ideas on how to drum up business and establish a clientele. Make sure your program addresses the marketing side of microblading, discussing your competition, what services to offer, online and social marketing, and pricing. This is an extremely competitive genre of the beauty industry and ABE offers a number of programs to help you target new and existing clients. Check out our marketing programs under”Programs” on our website.

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