Wellness Treatments for your Menu

Wellness Treatments for your Menu

Chakra Treatments

Chakra Treatments aka Spinning Wheels of Energy, are a new trend in the Spa industry! People across the globe are demanding this treatment at their local spa. Charka treatments go way beyond colored lights reaching more in depth chakra alignment. Some spas have a weeklong Chakra program that deep dives into each Chakra individually. A weeklong Chakra treatment can range between $8,000-10,000 per stay. Multifaceted chakra ceremonies are more involved and push guests beyond their comfort zones. These smaller treatments can start at $190.

Shaman Sessions

More travelers are starting to be open about the idea of healers who engage forces of nature and ancient wisdom to cleanse the energetic body of imprints that do lead to negative physical and emotional states. Shaman Sessions consist of burning sage, chanting, brushing with feathers, drumming and hands-on energy work and massage. Most spas offer an initial interview to which the client will describe physical or emotional symptoms they are experiencing along with problem that may be arising in their life. Shaman (healing sessions) can last between 1-4 hours starting between $170-300. Different spas offer sessions indoors or outdoors depending on location. Clients can expect an atmosphere of compassion and healing. Adding Shaman Sessions to your menu can bring in more revenue with little change to your spa rooms or architecture.

Meditation Pods

The boom is coming with Somadome mediation pods! With LED color therapy, this lighted private pod offers calming senses and restores the mind. The pod is small and compact and only takes up about 5’x6’ which can remain in the main area of your spa or in a 10’x10’ room for more privacy. 20 minute sessions can start at $45.

Starlight Massage

Massages under the starlight and moon sounds like a dream come true! Spas are staying up late to give their clients an experience of a life time. This treatment serves the purpose to channel the healing energy of the moon and stars. The “night spa” menu can offer treatments to be performed between the hours or 7:00pm and 10:30pm. Be the next spa that offers outdoor spa treatments for couples with a romantic atmosphere surrounded by candle light and rose petals under the starry sky. Services start from $450.

Salt Therapy

Using Pink Himalayan sea salt is said to improve cell activity, energy, and blood sugar levels. So why not have this room in our spa?! Salt Therapy can provide lasting relief to your clients. Spas can have caves and walls made of the substance to treat respiratory and skin conditions. For example, the Acqualina in Sunny Isles Beach has a Himalayan salt wall as the centerpiece of its relaxation room. It is safe for both children and adults. Salt Therapy sessions start from $45.

All treatments are covered under our basic spa/salon policies and would not require any additional premiums.