Your Questions about Workman’s Comp Answered

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Your Questions about Workman’s Comp Answered

We get a lot of people asking questions about Workman’s Comp.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is workman’s comp?
  • Does every state have different requirements?
  • Do we offer it?
  • Is it necessary?

We have answered these questions to better help our customers in their quest for knowledge on Workman’s Compensation.

To put it simply, Workman’s Compensation is a required insurance protection plan provided to workers who are injured while doing their job. It is an accident insurance program paid by employers.

Examples of a workman’s comp claim can include:

  • Stepping on shears or placing your hand on a hot iron.
  • Mishandling clippers, or other potentially dangerous styling tools.
  • Tripping over cords that have not been properly secured.

Workman’s compensation benefits are determined by each state. Every state sets their own rules and regulations regarding workman’s comp benefits. There are common rules across the board to be aware of.

Common benefits include coverage for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation and death. Every state’s benefits for Workers comp can differ so it’s important to look up your state’s laws and find out what and how you are covered. If you run a business it is important to understand why you pay for this and what your employees are entitled to.

If you need would like to know what your state covers visit the following website to find your state and learn about their workman’s comp policies.

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Do We Offer Workman’s Comp?

Allied Beauty Experts does offer workman’s Comp.

Please visit our Workman’s Compensation page to start your application today

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